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Dr Who filming "invaluable" for Bristol

22 August 2012

This article was first published in The Post. You can find the original artcle here:

The impact of filming Doctor Who in Bristol is invaluable, as it demonstrates the city’s vibrancy and puts it on the map.

That is according to a Bristol councillor, who said the shooting of the show’s Christmas Special in Corn Street and Portland Square earlier this week means big things for the city.

Councillor Guy Poultney told This is Bristol: “It’s fantastic. After Casualty went everyone was a bit dispirited.

“Bristol has always been a fantastic filming location.”

He added: “This has put Bristol on websites all over the world, it’s got our brand out internationally.”

Steve Morris, manager of St Nicholas Market, said due to the timing of the filming on Monday - 8.30pm to 5.30am - there was no impact on any of the market trading.

Reflecting on this, Cllr Poultney said: “It's not so much about one-off events, but the branding of the city. It’s about us being a vibrant city and that’s invaluable.

“It’s always great to see filming in Bristol, and it’s great that it’s a national treasure like Doctor Who”.

Mr Morris was equally enthusiastic about the filming. He said: “We were very excited and very proud that St Nicholas Market was chosen as a film set for the Dr Who Christmas Special.

“The film crew started to drop parts of the set off earlier in the day which were easily accommodated on Corn Street.

“From about 5pm onwards the crew started to introduce some subtle changes to All Saints Lane which helped eventually to transform the site into a snowy Victorian London scene with trading carts, barrows and horse and cart.

“Overall it was a very exciting and unique experience for this part of the Old City.”

Alex Miller, manager at All Bar One in Corn Street, said: “Looking at the sales it looks like we’ve benefitted.”

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