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New Pinewood Studios in Wales

18 February 2014

New Pinewood Studios Wales could mean more films shooting in Bristol

Caution filming in progress Bristol

In the last couple of years, two of the biggest dramas on television,Sherlock and Dr Who, have shot scenes in Bristol.

The reason these major productions filmed in the city is not just because of what Bristol has to offer in terms of locations and support, but also because of our proximity to Cardiff where both shows are based.

So the news that Pinewood have committed to building a new studio complex in the Welsh capital could be great news for Bristol.

Pinewood, most famous for being the studio where the Bond franchise is shot, are teaming up with the Welsh Government to create a new film and TV facility in Wentloog, near Cardiff Bay.

The Welsh government will invest up to £30m into projects brought by Pinewood, aimed at increasing film and TV production in Wales which in turn could spread over the Severn to Bristol.

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