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Nominations for the branch committee

12 December 2013

The Bristol & West General Branch is due to elect a new committee, with the results to be announced at the branch’s Annual General Meeting on January 21st 2014. 

For the strength and continuation of the branch, it is vital that we have a committee with sufficient members. Those members are valued for their individual experience, skills, insight and energy. The committee serve as a steering group for the branch’s focus, campaigns and activities.

At this time, perhaps more so than any time in the branch’s six year history, it is vital that we have new people stepping forward from the branch membership to stand on the committee.

Of the current committee, some long-serving members have decided to stand down from their roles at the end of this term, whilst others – including some founding members, are stepping down from the committee all together to make way for new blood.

The actual commitment to the committee can be minimal. The committee hold a meeting in Bristol once a month, half an hour ahead of the main branch meeting. The committee are also in contact with each other through the month by email to share thoughts and ideas. Of course it is understood that we are all freelance professionals, so we know that work will sometimes take you away.

If you wish to take on a particular function within the committee, the roles are as follows;

Chair and Vice Chair, Secretary and Assistant Secretary, Treasurer, Webmaster and Public Relations Officer.  Some of these posts will be left vacant at the end of this term, so do consider whether your skill set could match these roles.

It is of course fine if you do not have an understanding of the inner workings of the union before putting yourself forward! Neither did I, or most of the other committee members before we started. The branch and committee are given the full support of our Area Organiser, Simon Curtis and the other staff members in Cardiff and the Head Office. Training can be given for particular roles too.

The Branch Committee Nomination Form can be found by following this link:

If you wish to put yourself forward, then you will need two branch members (Equity members who normally live within the Bristol and West area) to propose and second you. If you wish, this can be done at a branch meeting.

Nomination forms should be received to the Cardiff area office no later than December 20th. If sufficient nominations are received, then an election will be held in the New Year.

If you have any queries regarding serving on the committee, then please don’t hesitate reply to this email ( or contact the Area Organiser, Simon Curtis –

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