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Petition: Opposing flats in the Whiteladies Picture House

25 March 2014

This may trigger a sense of Déjà vu!

You will remember that 12  months ago, Melinbrand, the current owners of the Whiteladies Road cinema were refused their application & appeal to turn the cinema building into flats and a gym.

Well, they're back! 

On the surface, their new application seems like good news. They propose to use the building as a three screen cinema in partnership with commercial cinema operator, Everyman.

However, their plan is not at all sympathetic to the building's fabric or history and, crucially for us, will not create the live performance space envisioned by the separate Whiteladies Picture House campaign (WLPH).

Medinbrand' still intended to convert the upper levels of the building into flats, which will carve through the original sprung ballroom still preserved there. Moreover, the current full-height auditorium and its beautiful architectural features, will be divided up into three small-screen units.

Also, crucially, they have not explained how they will get around the £1 million restrictive covenant which bars any commercial cinema operator from screening films there (conversely, the WLPH campaign have no such restrictions as they will operate as a charity).

We will be very grateful if you would again support our branch's campaign and sign this new petition against Medinbrand's development proposals:

More information on the campaign can be found on our branch website, here.

WLPH's beautiful architectural drawings for their proposed community space can be found here:

Thank you for your continued support

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