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Theatre Uncut Bristol

4 November 2012

Theatre Uncut is an International presentation of new writing in response to the current political situation.

Theatre Uncut invited playwrights to write brand new short plays in response to the current political situation. These scripts are now made available for anyone to perform anywhere. The Theatre Uncut 2012 plays are available now and can be performed rights free between the week of 12th - 18th November 2012.

There is already an impressive team of performers, crew and directors involved in Theatre Uncut Bristol but if you want to get involved - there is still time because this is about the NOW. There are venues all over the city poised to host an event. If you want to catch all the plays, you'll need to bomb around the city in the week of the 12th November to Hamilton House, Bristol Old Vic, Trinity Centre, Tobacco Factory, The Bierkeller and more. Someone might open their front room or take over their street. That someone could be you.

The plays are staged creatively and quickly. As Sharon Clark, Literary Producer at Bristol Old Vic says "It allows immediate responses to global issues and events, putting on stage true political theatre because it is relevant and immediate to the day's news ....  being fleet of foot, it enables writers to capture a zeitgeist political moment that is rare to find in the usual theatre making process."

The team is led by artistic directors Emma Callander and Hannah Price and producer Sarah Brocklehurst. Malcolm Hamilton who has been coordinating a series of events in Bristol spoke to fellow team members about why they got involved and what it means to them. You'll hear the voices of actors Jesse Meddows, Marta Pacini, Eoin Slattery, Amy Louise Webber, directors Eleanor Fogg, Chris Harper, Roz Hopkinson and Joe Wallace, and venue producer Alice Tatton Brown. 

Theatre Uncut is an international, voluntary organization and, everyone donates their time, energy and skill for FREE. 

As Malcolm says, "The brief is simple - heres the plays, put them on, its up to you”. 

For more information and to get involved, go to:

Theatre Uncut:
Thetare Uncut Bristol:
Theatre Bristol:

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