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Would you like to become a reviewer for Remote Goat?

7 November 2012

November 2012:

Hi Fellow Members of Equity, 

(Especially Bristol & West General: West of England Variety and Devon & Cornwall Branches and including members in the newly inaugurated Online Branch and all professionals working in the West & South West Region.)

I write reviews for Remotegoat fairly often, thanks to the fact that very few literate aficianados of theatre, film or whatever cultural events, seem keen to take up offered pairs of complimentary tickets & to write fair & honest appraisals of shows for posting on the 'Goat's' website -

Much as I love reviewing Theatre & despite having to pay my travel costs from Bridgwater, I am amazed that out of two cities with universities & a drama school apiece, rivals for my assignments so rarely apply. No expenses are paid 'cos' The Goat doesn't make any charges & is providing this service for free. The reviews are left on site indefinitely & usually permission is granted for the benefit of practitioners, to quote whole or in part from the reviews, provided of course, that Remotegoat is acknowledged.

The closer you live to a venue, the cheaper would be your free entertainment, plus increaing notoriety or fame for being an astute commentator upon the state of British culture in your region. (My experience tends more to derision but I blame my keyboard for producing inane phrases. - That needn't be your experience !!)

As a Green Party supporter, I am conscious of polluting the M5 up & down between my home & EX or BS, more than would be necessary if only more locally based 'wannabe writers' seized these opportunities to hone their skills. 

Why don't you give it a try ??   I expect to be thwarted more frequently in future.   

Best wishes to all.   Art D. 

Arthur Duncan  - aka  Art4Art'sache

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