Creating Without Conflict report

19 November 2013

Sample Docs - 1813kb PDF

The worlds of the media, arts and entertainment are often seen as glamorous, but a survey of 4,000 workers has revealed these industries are "hotspots" of bullying, with more than half of those questioned (56%) saying they had been bullied, harassed or discriminated against at work.
People who contributed to a survey, commissioned by the Federation of Entertainment Unions, ranged from household names, top screenwriters and performers to those at the beginning of their careers.
The results showed shocking levels of ill-treatment and inappropriate behaviour and a culture of silence, with only a third of those suffering bullying and harassment reporting the incidents.

Equity Deputy Handbook 2013

18 November 2013

Sample Docs - 220kb PDF

An Equity Deputy (sometimes referred to as Equity Dep) is the face of the union in theatres, studios and anywhere else Equity members are working. The Deputy is the union representative for the company they are working with.

BBC Show The Midlands Some Love!!

15 March 2013

Sample Docs - 21kb PDF

Postcard to the new director-general of the BBC Tony Hall, asking him to give the Midlands its fair share of network production.

Demanding our Fair Share BBC

15 March 2013

Sample Docs - 523kb PDF

Flyer from the Campaign for Regional Broadcasting Midlands giving figures and quotations on why the BBC is not serving the midlands fairly.

Interview with Doctors Star Lorna Laidlaw

13 February 2013

Sample Docs - 514kb PDF

Dressing room Q and A with Lorna Laidlaw - discussing hair, being a working mum and the excitement around Birmingham Arts in 2013

BCC Bham Reps Re use of local actors letter

28 September 2012

Sample Docs - 1132kb DOC

A letter from the Birmingham City Council Deputy leader Ian Ward, to answer our query concerning the approach of the Birmingham Rep to casting local actors.

Guide to Equity's Communications Manager

31 August 2012

Sample Docs - 836kb PDF

The communication manager enables branches and committees to send out email newsletters to their members. This is a brief guide on how to do it.

Appeal from Save BBC Bham Campaign

10 December 2011

Sample Docs - 24kb PDF

An Appeal from the Save BBC Birmingham Campaign.

Postcard to Lord Patten

28 November 2011

Sample Docs - 113kb PDF

A postcard to Lord Patten for all licence fee payers to use, to campaign against the 20% cuts to the BBC.

Save BBC Birmingham Letter

4 November 2011

Sample Docs - 17kb DOCX

Templated letter you can personalise and use to write to your MP.

You can also use it with some alterations to write to your EMP, Lord, the Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt MP and Mark Thompson the Director-General of the BBC.

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