Incorporating the Variety Artistes' Federation

2011 Meetings

12 April 2011

The Equity Central England Branch invites you to our 2011 meetings on:

Monday September 12th 2011
Monday October 10th 2011
Monday November 14th 2011

The Equity Central England Branch Committee would love to see more of you at our 2011 meetings.
We know working in the entertainment industry you can sometimes feel very isolated, alone and powerless but through involvement in Equity if we work collectively we can make a difference and we do have a voice.

Branch member Amardeep Nanra says:

"Never been to an Equity meeting or too scared to go by yourself?  Well, fear not!

"I've been an Equity member for a year now and was always intrigued as to what goes on in these meetings.  After finally taking the plunge, I went along to the September meeting and I can certainly say that it was nice to meet local artists and the committee members.  Tim Johnson the Equity Midlands Regional Organiser is usually there and can talk one-to-one in complete privacy about any industry problems you may have.

"It's definitely worth going, as not only do you get up-to-date first hand industry knowledge but also have the opportunity to network and air your views in a relaxed environment.

"See you at the next meeting!

Equity member Deborah Tracey says:

"Attending Equity Central England Branch meetings gives me a chance to get a clear picture of what is going on in our industry. It helps me to make informed career-savvy decisions and to meet all sorts of interesting people.

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