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BBC Midlands Campaign Launch

4 November 2011

A campaign has been launched to SAVE BBC BIRMINGHAM - please do all you can to help!

On 6th of October it was announced by the BBC’s Director General that television production in our region will be further reduced and moved to Manchester, Bristol and Cardiff, and radio drama production in our region will consist of “The Archers” only. This is despite the promise given by the BBC at the time of renewing the BBC Charter that they would invest in the English regions.

We have only a few weeks before these plans are put into effect, and if we are to persuade the BBC to reconsider then we must act quickly!!!

The proposal to move TV and radio programme making from the Midlands is hidden away in one bullet point at the bottom of page 18 in the 'Delivering Quality First' review:

These proposals:

  • Are devastating to the Midlands’ digital media industry and the area’s freelancers.
  • Run contrary to the BBC’s Charter obligation, which is to represent all the regions and nation.
  • Will culturally marginalise the Midlands region giving no return on significant BBC licence fee revenue.

 Please write to your MP to let them know of your concerns and ask them to support EDM 2373

There is a template letter you can personalise and use .

You can find your MP and their contact details here:

And here are suggestions of other things you can do:

Please also show your support by joining the Save BBC Birmingham forum website and adding supportive posts and following the campaign:

Do tell everyone you know about this campaign and encourage them to write to their MP; this campaign is for all Midlands BBC licence fee payers.

We only have until 19 December 2011 to get our voices heard, as this is the closing date for the public consultation on the BBC “Delivering Quality First” proposals.

Please don't delay as once the BBC is gone from our region, it's gone for good.

Best wishes
For the “Save BBC Birmingham” campaign
Chair Equity Midlands Area Committee
Tel: 0121 458 7619

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