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Fight For Our BBC, Postcard Campaign

28 November 2011

A postcard campaign has been launched so that all television licence fee payers can have the opportunity to contact Lord Patten, to raise their concerns about the 20% cuts to the BBC.

The text on the postcard says:

Stand up for public service broadcasting

Fight for our BBC

The BBC wants to make 20% cuts over the next 5 years as a result of a freeze in your licence fee.

It will mean the loss of 2,000 jobs and cuts to core news and programming across the BBC.  Under the plans 22% of local radio output will go, at a time when listening is up. Current affairs and investigative programming will be cut – with 40% reductions outside London.

By the end of 2012, there will be almost no television or radio made for the national networks from Birmingham.

There will be reductions in sports coverage including Formula One.

Staff inside the BBC face redundancy and stringent cuts to terms and conditions. Since 2004 the BBC has already lost more than 7,000 jobs - 1,000 every year. It’s not sustainable.

Licence fee payers were not asked for their views when the deal was done. The BBC has even said it will press ahead with making the cuts before the BBC Trust’s current public consultation has closed.

Licence fee payers should have a say. Research has consistently shown that people would be prepared to pay more than the current licence fee to protect the BBC.

The cost of an annual licence fee has gone up by just £10 since 2007. It now costs just over £12 a month for all the TV, radio, website and live events the BBC covers. That compares to more than £60 a month for some subscription services.

If all the current licence fee paying households paid just 7 pence more per day these cuts could be stopped.

What you can do?

  • Please send this postcard. The consultation runs until Wednesday 21 December 2011
  • Write to your MP and ask that licence fee payers have a say on the future of the BBC.

Dear Lord Patten,

I fear for the future of the BBC if cuts of 20% are made.

The core areas of BBC output, which are central to its role as a public service broadcaster, such as journalism and programme making, must be protected.

The Government must review the licence fee settlement and involve the licence fee payer in decisions about our BBC.

The staff and the unions must be consulted on how to review how the BBC spends our money.

Please include my comments as part of the full public consultation.”

If you would like to get involved in this campaign:

You can print off this postcard and post to Lord Patten

Or you could  use and personalise the text from this article and send an e-mail to Lord Patten at

It is always important to personalise e-mails as identical e-mails will be blocked.

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