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Television Drama Studio Campaign

1 October 2011

News update: Since launching this campaign for a television studio on 1 October, on 6 October it was announced that much BBC Birmingham production could be cut or relocated elsewhere. Now we have an urgent campaign to save BBC Birmingham.



 An important message from Equity Midlands Area Committee Chair Tracey Briggs

Dear fellow Midlands performers and creatives

Lots of performers and creatives have been knocking on my door asking Equity to start a campaign for a television drama studio for Birmingham/West Midlands. Huge television studios are opening in Salford (Media City) and Cardiff (Roathlock Studios) and even Bristol City Council have been visiting Media City to see if they can develop something similar in Bristol, yet again we in the Midlands are left behind.

Central’s television studio closed in Birmingham in 1997 and Pebble Mill in 2004, and a further 20% cuts to the BBC will be hitting production in Birmingham. The West Midlands is being more and more marginalised in its share of media development.

It was announced in the Birmingham Post in July that Birmingham was successful in its bid to become one of the Government’s new Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs). Local authorities and businesses in the region have together pinpointed the creative and digital industries as potential sources of jobs and growth for the West Midlands. Yet in this article there was no mention of a television studio, and without this vital component it will be hard to keep creative and digital industries in our region.

So now is the time to act; we cannot stay silent anymore!!

If you are concerned that Birmingham/West Midlands is being left behind, then please help campaign for a television drama studio in our region by writing to Councillor Martin Mullaney, Birmingham Cabinet Member for Leisure Sport and Culture, and to your own council representative.

Equity has helped produce a form letter which you can use and personalise at: 

You can contact Councillor Martin Mullaney at 12 Southlands Road, Moseley, Birmingham B13 9RJ Email Address

You can find contact details for your councillor at

Please don't delay writing, as we need to make a big fuss to let Birmingham City Council know that those of us working in the creative industries need action now!!!

For this campaign to succeed it cannot just be down to a few Equity members. It needs support by all concerned parties who work, and want to be able to continue to work, in the West Midlands creative  industries, so please spread the word and get your friends and colleagues to be involved.

Best wishes
Freelance Actor
Chair Equity Midlands Area Committee

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