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Shrieking Sisters & Lay Up Your Ends

Start:14 March 2013

Time:7.15 pm

LocationBelfast City Hall



Shrieking Sisters (Belfast City Hall) 14th March at 7.15 - (A dramatic rehearsed reading) Written by Maggie Cronin and Carol Mooreand performed by Maggie Cronin, Laura Hughes and Carol Moore

In the early hours of August 1st 1914 a group of suffragettes, lead by Mrs Lilian Metge attempted to blow up Lisburn Cathedral. What made a respectable middle class supporter of women's rights resort to active militancy? Using a mix of new writing, original source and related material, Shrieking Sisters envisages characters and events around the Ulster Suffrage Movement between 1912 and 1914 and their struggle for votes for women.

Lay Up Your Ends (Belfast City Hall) 20th March at 7.15 (A rehearsed reading) Written by Martin Lynch and Charabanc Theatre Company and directed by Carol Moore.

Lay Up Your Ends centres around the mill girl's strike of 1911 and the eventual unionisation of the textile worker's section of the Irish Transport Worker's Union. The play produced by Charabanc Theatre Company premiered at Belfast Civic Arts Theatre on the 15th May, 1983.

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