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East Of Scotland General Branch

Welcome to the East of Scotland General Branch!

We are currently the only general branch of Equity in Scotland, providing professionals in the industry here with a social hub and a collective voice.

If you are an Equity member (student or full member) based in the area - the entire East of Scotland - you are welcome to join the branch. Please drop an email to Catriona Joss, the branch secretary, at eastofscotlandequity@gmail.com to register with us.

If you are a member visiting the area you are also welcome to drop into our next branch meeting and / or social event and get to know some of your fellow members.

If you are a member in an area not covered by a general branch, and the East of Scotland branch is the nearest one to you, you can also register to join.

As well as emailing, you can connect with us via:     Facebook     Twitter     Google+


Our 2015 AGM is on the 23rd of April - we'd be very happy to see you there!

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