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Play Fair Campaign

8 October 2017

Play Fair highlights Equity’s policy statement on inclusive casting which calls for:

More incidental casting – where the identity of the actor is incidental to the character opening up more opportunities to cast more diversely
Greater authenticity when diversity is relevant to the role – for example, more disabled actors playing disabled characters
Greater legal compliance with equality law

Equity wants to see more employers:
Play Fair on inclusive casting – to deliver more diversity on stage, screen, online and on-air
Play Fair with the law – members routinely share their experiences of poor and potentially illegal practice
Play Fair on accessibility – too little thought is given to ensuring disabled actors have equality of opportunity in the casting process
Play Fair and monitor – more employers need to monitor the diversity of their performers so that we can measure progress

Equity has recently produced a Manifesto for Casting and a Casting Questions Card that outline how employers, agents and casting directors can ensure they are acting inclusively and within the law when they represent, audition and employ actors.
Everyone can support the campaign, whether it’s as an Equity member, through your local Equity branch or as an employer.

Further information can be found on the Equity website or by contacting Equity’s Equalities and Diversity Organisers - Jo Welch (Mon-Wed) and Hamida Ali (Wed-Fri) on 020 7670 0273.

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