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Joint April Branch meeting Report

17 April 2014

The Essex General Branch held its first-ever joint meeting, with union President, Malcolm Sinclair, as guest speaker.

Essex Chair, Dee Mardi, welcomed members of the Essex and Hertfordshire branches to the meeting at the Rhodes Arts Complex, Bishop’s Stortford on Saturday, April 5th.

The President  (pictured with attendees from both branches, and with members of the Essex committee) outlined current areas of focus:

Low Pay, No Pay; The lack of actors over 40 on our screens; Ethnic minority issues – e.g. British black actors tending to find success in the USA first; National Insurance changes, and the largely successful re-organisation of the committee structure. He also spoke about the problem of attracting young members.

The President commented: “I want the branches to be the absolute bedrock of everything we do.”


Liz Mullen, Essex General Branch

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