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Greater Manchester & Region General Branch


!Please note: the dates below were revised on 9th February as the previous ones did not conform with the timetable for Council Elections, my fault, apologies. David!

The Branch decided at its last meeting that it will consider applications for Nomination and Support. The timetable for branch meetings between now and and July is below.

Our Branch Meetings from now to July are as follows, speakers are planned at some of these meetings and I'll update them here and on the Branch's Facebook group in due course:

Thursday 22nd February at the Royal Exchange Theatre, St Ann's Square, Manchester; in the Front Room on the first floor, disabled access is available by lift. The meeting wil start at 6.30 pm and the main item on the Agenda will be deciding if the Branch will send a Motion to the Annual Representative Conference, and what that Motion should be...your chance to make chnages or additions to Equity's general policies.

Thursday 12th April at 6.30 pm - venue to be confirmed. Nominations for Support will be considered and the Branch will decide whether or not to send an Amendment to the ARC. We would need requests for nomination by noon on Wednesday 28th March to ensure that all names are on the agenda. No request recieved after that date will be considered. Requests to the email address below please.

Thursday 17th May at 6.30 pm - venue to be confirmed. Request for Support considered, and the final ARC Agenda. Requests for Support must be receieved by 12 noon on Thursday 3rd May. Request to the email address below please.

Thursday 5th July at 6.30 pm - venue to be confirmed.

 If you wish to request Nomination or Support, or have any other questions or comments please contact me at or on 07951 093745

Thanks.  David Cockayne - Branch Secretary

Equity has a vital network of branches throughout the UK which give members a voice in the union and much more. Branches hold regular meetings in their local area and all members and student members are invited to attend these to share views and experiences, discuss issues that are of importance to them and put proposals to Equity's ruling body - the Equity Council. Branches also organise a programme of social events and raise money for local charities.

If you are an Equity member or student member based in the area you are able to join the branch (no charge) so please get in touch with the Branch. If you are a member or student member visiting the area you are very welcome to drop into the next branch meeting and get to know some of your fellow members.