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Coming Soon - Help Required!

8 June 2013


Natalie Amber met up with writer/ director Debby Turner last week. She has worked a great deal with Max Stafford Clarke and Out of Joint, as well as a whole host of other great credits and has recently launched her own company called You Write the web site is

A lot of her work is around writing through physicality and devising; she would be very interested in coming up and doing a workshop on writing and devising for the branch. She is also very keen to help out with Creativity Talks in tackling writers being more inclusive and aware of what they are writing and reflecting society as it is today, and not just going with stereo types.

The workshop would be a full day and probably a Saturday. Updates regarding a rate to make the workshop as accessible to all the members as possible so not price them out should be settled soon - to be fair that she is earning a living, so she will hopefully make it as low as possible when it is discussed.

David Corden has also put the option of member-led workshops into the arena of discussion once more. He and others made a fairly successful run of this during a semi-regular trial period up until 2011 and proved the other side of unity within the union of members who were willing to help their fellow members by sharing their own particular skill sets. Something to be encouraged and revisited?

Car Boot Sale

Assistant Social Secretary, Sue Twist has been pushing for a car boot sale once the weather became more clement and the time is nigh upon us. What she will be needing, though, is a van. So, if anyone has or knows anyone who has a van that could be made available once the date is confirmed, please let Sue know.

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