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In Memoriam - Penny Davies

10 March 2013

Dear David Corden,

Further to my wife, Elizabeth Flanagan's phone call, here are the details she mentioned concerning Mrs Penny Gowling (stage name - Penny Davies). Penny died on the 20th January 2013 in the Bolton hospital after a short illness aged 92. She and her husband Tom Gowling- who pre-deceased her, were acting in theatre and television over many years.

I met Penny at the Crewe Theatre in 1958 when she joined the Folk Theatre company - which also included Glenda Jackson (as assistant stage manager!) and subsequently on many occasions in T/V productions in Manchester.There  may be many like us in the Manchester area who remember Penny and Tom with great affection  and may wish to add to this brief obituary.

Best wishes,

Yours sincerely,

Desmond Flanagan

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