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Your New Committee for 2013

13 January 2013

Jamie Briers opened the meeting acting as returning officer to conduct the election of officers, the results of which are as follows:


Chair – Barry Evans (5/4)

Vice Chair & Asst. Sec. – Jamie Byron (6/3; un)

Treasurer – Natalie Amber (un)

Secretary & PRO/ Webmaster/ Comms Officer – David Corden (un/un)

Social Secretary – Maggi Hevicon Thompson (un)

Asst. Social Sec – Susan Twist (un)


The post of Asst. Treasurer remains unoccupied.


Due to the busy nature of the venue, little opportunity was afforded any further discussion set out in the provisional agenda other than the possible co-option of unelected candidates who stood for this committee. This matter will be discussed at the January committee meeting.


Susan Twist raised a point of concern on behalf of Russell Richardson who was disappointed that his election statement had not appeared with others accompanying the ballot papers. Jamie Briers informed the meeting that he had not received a statement from Russell.


Hylton Collins suggested for discussion at the January meeting the possibility of booking all 2013 meetings in advance to avoid confusion as to when and where meetings would be held.



David Corden, Branch Secretary Equity NWEGB, 13/12/12.

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