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Equity member offers discount on acting books

17 January 2014

Voice Acting
lntegrating voice and the Stanislavski approach
By Christina Gutekunst and John Gillett
Voice into Actlngr focuses not simply on voice as a skill or ways
to approach text, but on how to integrate voice into the acting
process and performance. Christina Gutekunst and John Gillett
unite their depth of experience in voice training and acting to
create a unified and ground-breaking approach informed by
Stanislavski and his successors - the approach taught to actors
in drama schools throughout the world.

Featuring over flfty illustrations of vocal anatomy and exercises
by German artist Dany Heck, this is an essential manual for the
actor, promoting full vocal identity in characterisation; and for the voice teacher, offering new
techniques, or an alternative approach, to harmonise with the actor,s process.
"The outhors ... write with authority, wisdom and clority, moking o voluoble contribution to the
field. The moterial is thorough, detoiled, and very well organized, strongty recommended.,,
David Carey, Voice and Text Director UK and USA, co-author of The Verbol Arts Workbook
(Bloomsbury Methuen Drama, 2010)

Acting Stanislavski
A practical guide to Stanislavski's approach and legacy
By John Gillett
ln Acting Stonislovski, John Gillett offers a clear and accessible
but comprehensive and insightful step-by-step account of
Stanislavski's whole approach from the actor's training to final
performance. He draws on Stanislavski's major books and on
records of his directing process and final studio classes, and
demystifies terms and concepts. lt is for actors from an actor,s
point of view, offers many practical exercises, and
connects Stanislavski's legacy with the work of his successors,
from Michael Chekhov to Meisner, Adler and Strasberg.
"This is on excellent book - one of the best of its kind thot t have reod. lohn Gitlett's book is way
out in front in that it offers both scholarship ond really sound practical strotegies."
Annie Tyson, acting tutor at RADA and Drama Centre

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