Incorporating the Variety Artistes' Federation

Your Committee

Jester Jim (aka Neil Wilkin) -  Chairman

I began performing again through a holiday bible club in the late 1980's and through this met a contact that introduced me to clown/story telling and juggling. I then attended a course based for the week in Derbyshire which opened the world of performing for me. Since then I have had further training but also worked up and down the country as a performer, taking workshop's or performing an interactive show. My work has included teaching with a community circus and helping run/direct a theatre group in Bedford town.
At this time I serve as the Chair/ events and training officer for Holy Fools (national christian performers) serve on the regional Christian dance committee for which I host a local event once a year and front 2 Gether 4 God a performing arts net work that has run 2 successful events to date 
I have been an Equity member since early 2000, but have only in the last few years seen how valuable it is to be a member when attending the children's network gatherings at HQ.

I feel it was quite an honour to be chosen as the areas Chairman and look forward to working with a team that, from what I see, is going to make for a promising and encouraging time ahead.

Richard Syms - Vice Chairman

Sometimes, I think my only claim to 'credits' is that I've been around so long!   Came into the business in 1978, after ten years as a clergyman, and joined Equity (in those happy days, you had to!)  Played old men in lots of reps (in the happy days when there were reps!), and have done lots of jobbing bits and pieces in TV and film over the years.  Also directed a fair bit, including work in drama schools, and have done almost a hundred shows now of different sizes.  Still up for stuff when I can get it, though as a friend of mine says 'Actors don't retire, they just carry on NOT working'!!  Still in fact an ordained priest as well, and on the staff of the Actors Church in Covent Garden.

 I live in the Stevenage area if that proves to be useful, and my e-mail address is   

Sally Goldie - Treasurer

Slightly concerned by this weighty title, as O Level maths is my only qualification, but I have had huge help from John Ainslie at Head Office, and promise to do my best.

I am one of the oldies! Trained at the GSM&D 1961-4 and worked mostly in reps (remember them?) such as Windsor, York and Folkestone. Principal Girl in panto 1965-6.  Tiger Lily in Peter Pan 1968-9, last ever production at the Scala Theatre.  A bit of telly, a national tour with Margaret Lockwood and Tony Britton, but after my marriage in 1970 I managed less and less, as taking on two young step-children made working away from home almost impossible.  Luckily I found I had the right 'knack' for post-synching, so was able to travel from home to Pinewood to work on films, until I staged my own personal production in the form of a daughter!

Now?  I sing for pleasure, look after my grandchildren, volunteer at Isabel Hospice, am a church warden .... and call it retirement!

I live in rural Benington and can be contacted on

Lynn Robins - Secretary

My name is Lynn Robins &, following the recent meetings, I am the Bookings Officer on the interim committee.  Three grown up children, one grandson, a cat & a dog are the significant bodies in my life but I have reached a stage in our lives where I can devote more of my time outside of the home environment.   I have worked as a support artist & walk-on professionally for over 10yrs & been a member of Equity for nearly as long.  Up until recently I have not had any involvement in the union, mainly due to being unsure as to which branch I should attend so a new Hertfordshire General Branch is ideal for me as it leaves me in no doubt as to where I belong.  Although I don't consider myself particularly politicised, I am a firm believer that you have no right to complain if you are not willing to put your X in the box or give a little of your self to engender change causing me to march with fellow Equity members at the recent TUC rally in London. 

I live in the village of Aston & can be contacted on 07939 131628 or  I look forward to meeting you all at future meetings which are run for the benefit of us all working in this wonderful but isolating industry.

Yvonne Delahaye - Website & Newsletter Editor

Having spent 3 years training at an accredited drama school (now Birmingham School of Acting), I fought hard to obtain my Equity card, which was hard in those days.  With a provisional card secured, I toured the UK for the requiste 40 professional weeks to get my full membership, so I feel I've served my dues!

I love playing comedy roles and recently played the leading role of Jessica in the farce Touch and Go at The English Theatre of Hamburg.  I've worked in every genre, from TV, commercials, radio, TV presenting, voice overs and even in an online drama series Heart & Soul (  I sing jazz standards and musical theatre at events and restaurants. 

I work as a role play actor/facilitator in the corporate, legal and medical sectors.

Based in Amersham, I live with Cinders the lovely black cat I adopted after fostering her for the RSPCA - this one I just couldn't let go!

I can be contacted on

Martin Cox

 Martin is also a member of the Interim Committee but does not as yet have a specific role or duty - he is 'Without Portfolio' (not as painful as it sounds!)