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Interface at Edinburgh International Festival

Start:12 August 2013

Time:17.00 - 18.00

LocationThe Hub, Castlehill, Edinburgh.


Equity joins forces with sister unions at EIF Discussion

 In Autumn of 2012 an approach was made to Equity in Scotland by Terry Brotherstone of the University and College Union Scotland (UCU) suggesting a cross-union interaction with the Edinburgh International Festival (EIF).  A meeting was arranged to discuss what approach might be taken. Then representatives from UCU, Equity’s East of Scotland branch, NUJ and the Edinburgh Trades Union Council met with the EIF’s Artistic Director Jonathan Mills.

Open to the idea of dialogue from all sides, the EIF were keen to include the trade union movement as an active contributor in the festival.  Due to the length of time needed to arrange these collaborations, it was agreed that the involvement for 2013 would be a sponsored talk. 

The expansion of involvement or otherwise in 2014, the final year of Jonathan Mills’ tenure, could then be determined by the success and outcomes of this talk.

The event on August  12th is 'Interfaces: Making Sense of the New Unrest' a talk by broadcaster and author Paul Mason (Newsnight) on the uses of new technology within mass global political movements, with particular reference to the 'Arab Spring'.

For suggestions as to how Equity could contribute significantly to an EIF event in 2014, please contact  Pab Roberts, Chair of the East of Scotland General Branch:

Tickets £6.00  (these can be purchased at half-price, £3, by contacting Pab Roberts - see above for e-mail link).


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