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Dressing rooms for entertainers January 2016

26 January 2016

Are dressing rooms getting better or worse? Equity wants to know. At Equity’s 2015 Annual Representative Conference the Merseyside Variety Branch raised the issue of dressing room conditions as members in that area felt that they were not meeting the standards required. Health and safety regulations state that places of work should be safe, without risk to health, and have adequate facilities and arrangements for their work. It is known that frequently with variety work there may not even be a dressing room and that acts are forced to change in a toilet, cleaners’ cupboard or a manager’s office. We would like to know about those too. On the other side, if there are shining examples of venues with great facilities for performers in the area then also let us know. Comment on the following for somewhere you’ve used in the last 6 months preferably rating each point below 1 to 5 where: 1 excellent; 2 good; 3 adequate; 4 poor; 5 very poor / nonexistent.


a)    General layout and suitability as a changing room

b)    Security for belongings

c)    Hot and cold running water

d)    Cleanliness

e)    Mirrors and lighting

f)     Seating and comfort

g)    Safety and hazards (eg. Electrical, water, rodents etc.)


Also include any other comments and send with the name of the venue to your Branch Secretary email address and please note that this is anonymous and in confidence and we will not contact any venue without communicating with you first and would not mention your name. We would be grateful for your input. 

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