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Writing for the stage in Scotland

Start:15 March 2014

Finish:16 March 2014

LocationCentre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow


If new work truly is the lifeblood of Scottish theatre, how do we make sure everyone is properly nurtured and rewarded?  As ways of making work evolve and audiences’ expectations change, how do playwrights and other theatre-makers respond?  What role can theatre play in a world where political and cultural certainties are disappearing?

Over the course of the weekend, you set the agenda to discuss, debate, take action and explore the future of theatre in Scotland and beyond. Open Space is a democratic and satisfying way of doing this as everyone gets the chance to propose a starting point for discussion, take part in any of the conversations or flit between them all. You get to contribute in whichever way you find most comfortable. Unexpected leaders emerge and rarely does anyone come away thinking, “I didn’t get a chance to be involved.”

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