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Shout Outs - Oct '17

24 October 2017

A Shout Out to Dean Sills taking the lead role as Mick Smith on a TV sitcom 'Up North' which is broadcast via local TV Sheffield Live! on Freeview in Sheffield and also online. In addition to appearing in the show, Dean is also credited as the writer of the show.

Ben Addis appears in Radio 4's 15 minute drama 'The Citadel' from the end of Oct.

Congratulations to Carolyn Eden, Paul Dunphy and Emma Leah Golding for their performsnces at at Leeds Pub Theatre 'Pair Necessities' night at The Adelphi.

Congrats also to Leanne Rowley, Tanya Vital and the rest of ‘The Shed Crew,’ in Red Ladder's production at Albion Electric Warehouse

Lee Toomes apears in 'JB Shorts 18' at Manchester's 53-two, 7-18th Nov and then in Panto at The Lamproom theatre in Barnsley.

Kat Rose-Martin continues touring with Northern Broadsides in their production of 'For Love or Money,' (with dates in London, Newcastle-Under-Lyme, Leeds, Scarborough, York still to come).

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