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Incorporating the Variety Artistes' Federation
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Liverpool & District General Branch

EQUITY ELECTIONS   -  Voting closes at 12 noon on 10 July. See a list of all the candidates running for election here and download the statements submitted by candidates here. Or vote online: click the Vote now button (link below), and enter your unique voting code from the ballot paper posted to you on 3 June. Go to this page in Equity members area and click on Vote Now

Equity No Pay/Low Pay organiser Emmanuel de Lange addressed Liverpool & District General Branch at  its last meeting on Wednesday July 1. Check the news pages (left hand tab) for details.

The next meeting is on Wednesday September 2. Come and meet other members at the next  meeting at the Everyman Theatre and have a fun evening. We usually hang out for a bit afterwards in the Bistro bar.

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Equity has a vital network of branches throughout the UK which give members a voice in the union and much more. Branches are set up by the Equity Council to give members in local areas the opportunity to meet regularly to discuss issues of common concern and to have a focal point. Members are invited to join their local branch to share views and experiences, put proposals to Equity's ruling body, organise a programme of social events and raise money for local charities. Equity Student members are also very welcome at meetings. Members volunteer to take an active role in branch activities by standing for election as Branch Chair, Secretary, Public Relations Officer and other roles. Branch Secretaries also give local advice to members in their area and those who are visiting, and some branches now have their own websites which include local news and directories of branch members.

Any member interested in joining their branch register, getting the newsletter and going to meetings, should contact the local Secretary or contact the Membership Department.