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Branch Secretary's Report on proposed Equity Reorganisation

17 February 2012



Valerie Jean Mann         TEL:  0113 285 3848        e.mail 

VARIETY BRANCH  MEETING  date: Wednesday 15th February 2012




Equity is a Member led Union and the remit to reorganise the Union's structure was never given by its members. The FSWP was  formed about nine months ago, just after last years A.R.C. at which representatives voted overwhelmingly to reject the amalgamation of the General and Variety Branches. We, the Variety Branch Members have only been given a very short time to respond before the whole reorganisation is approved and implemented. Surely this is not acceptable. After reading the report it seems to our members that the FSWP wants to reduce the amount of money spent on the Variety side of the Union by cutting down on the different committees that are needed for Variety Members to have their say, and to be heard. This will certainly diminish the working powers that both the Variety Branches and all the Councillors need to fully represent the needs of the Variety Members.

We the Variety Members are approximately one quarter of Equity's Membership and therefore should be represented accordingly. The Variety side of the Union does not cost anything like one quarter of the running cost of the whole of the Union so we are sure cuts can be made in other areas. Everyone knows that times are hard and belts have to be pulled in  but not to the extent of the Variety Members losing their Voice. So therefore due to the lack of time given and the lack of consultation, the North & West Yorkshire Variety Branch believes that the status quo should remain until all possible financial savings are explored.

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