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Weymouth Pavilion Theatre Complex to be demolished

Dear branch member,

 Please sign the petition: "Weymouth and Portland Borough Council: we ask for 1 year's notice prior to closing/demolishing Pavilion Theatre Complex"

 The petition can be found here:

 Articles on the subject can be found here: and here:

 This closure would effect many Equity members living and working in the South West.

 The petition reads:


Councillor Mike Goodman, Weymouth & Portland Borough Councillor, Chairman Management Committee 

'We the undersigned ask for a notice period of one financial year, before Weymouth and Portland Borough Council implements its plans to close the Weymouth Pavilion Theatre; prior to "demolition" and replacing it with a car park and leave the town with no venue for: professional theatre, large amateur companies and dance and performing arts schools, a TIC, the largest ballroom and events space in the area and a bar/ eatery with unsurpassed views of the bay. 

We believe it unacceptable that a holiday town with a sizeable permanent community is left without a theatre and centre for the Arts - particularly so soon after the successful and acclaimed cultural Olympiad.

If the council feel they can no longer support this complex, then they must allocate a reasonable period, to find a suitable organisation willing & capable of running it as a business or as a trust. One month's notice is not sufficient for a company organisation or trust to prepare a workable business plan and manage the transfer of facilities, commitments and staff.

 Over the years the Weymouth Pavilion Complex has not been managed effectively with a large number of staff; many of whom have had neither the passion, nor experience to do so effectively; not enough money has been invested appropriately to maintain the building; and where work has been contracted in, it has been uncompetitive and costly because of council restraints.

 A community organisation would have the scope and freedom to do much better. The Weymouth Pavilion Theatre and Complex run by the community for the community the ideal.

 It cannot be right that the community has just one month notice to organise themselves to submit a viable proposal; with a strong financial plan, to their borough council. We ask Weymouth and Portland Borough Council to Give us ideally a financial year's notice before closing the theatre; allowing time under European tendering laws for suitable tenders period to be sought to take over and maintain the complex for the benefit of the town and region.


[Your name]

Thank you for your time


Kind regards


Gerard Cooke

Vice Chair / webmaster


Bristol & West General Branch of Equity