Incorporating the Variety Artistes' Federation


10 Top Tips - Casting Workshop Jane Frisby

4 May 2016

General - 26kb DOC

10 top tips from recent workshop

April Newsletter & March Minutes 2016

4 April 2016

Newsletters - 1748kb PDF

April Newsletter & March Minutes

BBC - Launch of Alternative White Paper summary

27 March 2016

Sample Docs - 30kb DOC

Summary of Launch of FEU Alternative White Paper

Show Culture Some Love Conference - 12th March - Summary

27 March 2016

Reports and documents - 28kb DOC

Summary of next stage to pledges created CLIC - Creative Leisure Industry Committee - Show Culture Some Love Conference 2015

March Newsletter and February Minutes 2016

16 March 2016

Sample Docs - 1429kb PDF

March Newsletter, February Minutes and Council Report

Mental Health Resources

14 March 2016

Sample Docs - 26kb DOC

List of useful addresses

Carol Service

15 December 2015

Sample Docs - 1224kb DOC

Carol Service 20th December 2015

Ballot paper for NE London Branch

8 December 2015

Elections - 30kb DOCX

This is the ballot paper for the election of the Committee of the North and East London Branch Committee 2016

DBS Guide for employers

25 November 2015

General - 129kb PDF

This document is designed to be used by members by passing it onto employers who are asking for a member to have or obtain an Enhanced DBS check in order to take up or apply for a role which may not require it. A recent survey of Equity members indicated that there was still widespread misunderstanding by employers and the public about when a check is required. Just because the role may involve contact with children, for example, it does not mean that a DBS check is required. If after approaching the employer with the document they still do not understand then refer them to Michael Day Please note that the document has been checked for accuracy by Equity’s solicitors.
Also note that this is unrelated to the issue of the broadcasters (BBC, ITV, Pact etc) insisting on Basic Disclosure Certificates for Walk-ons and supporting artists for which there is separate guidance elsewhere on the Equity website.

November newsletter and October Minutes

5 November 2015

Sample Docs - 1848kb PDF

November newsletter, October Minutes and Council Report

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