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Summary of Branch Meeting - 8th Oct - Spotlight on Spotlight

15 September 2011

A very well attended meeting with a great cross section of membership - Thom proved to be a very interesting, caring & passionate speaker & outlined in clear detail all that Spotlight offers to members at present & to come. All details will be in Oct minutes attached to November newsletter but in essence:

 At present Spotlight is the forerunner & potentially holds the monopoly of this kind of service in England but with American companies set to move into this market, Spotlight sees the need to offer more for its membership to be competitive . Most notable points  from the meeting were a) moves afoot for Spotlight Interactive to include  many more options regarding information to be included on members CV, b) payment issues can be discussed with Staff if in financial difficulties. c) That a clear line of communication be ongoing between Equity & Spotlight to feedback what members want information on & how both organisations can benefit from the relationship.

A lively Q & A from many members on the floor & Thom promised that all that was raised would be taken back to Spotlight & acted upon where possible.

A really invigorating & interesting session.

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