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Summary of London Area AGM - 6th March

17 March 2013

Bullet points from speeches by President Malcolm Sinclair & General Secretary Christine Payne.

Malcolm Sinclair

  • Re new Structure - lot of discussion, lot of arguments & disagreeements & upset has happend. Need to at this stage - 'suck it & see' to move forward & work from there.
  • Lots of debate on line - for front of the way forward & need to look at on-line voting - particularly for younger members, to encourage better participation.
  • Successes this year - Credit Victory - After dozens if meetings - BskyB did survey of 'customers' - 50% agreed that didn't like it so BskyB came to decision very quickly! Battle still with BBC & ITV - Channel 4 now a board. Women Representation - 43 letters written only 6 replies!! However, Report in The Guardian so now we have traction & people stepping up. East Asian and RSC - campaign led by Daniel York - put the fear of god & therefore more traction & moving in right direction. LGBT & FIA - campaign rolling out Internationally.
  • Basis of our Union is our agreements - now sadly in position of DEFENDING our agreements not IMPROVING. Defending & fighting for agreements - thought was safe.
  • Companies always looking at how to get our services & skills CHEAPER - sold all around the world hard to keep on track of - but this has to happen
  • Lo Pay No Pay - Working Party pushing on - success with Spotlight and Film Schools - charging high fees to students & employing our members for nothing.
  • Equity Magazine & Website - won major awards at TUC Award Ceremony.

Christine Payne

  • The  importance & RELEVANCE of Rules is fundamental to the Union. Need Rules for structure & coherence.
  • Need to think, reflect & challenge rules where needed - 2 rules quoted at the beginning of the meeting (apologies had not noted which they were) have not been tackled for some time so there is a need to re-examine.
  • Equity has a guaranteed place on TUC alongside MU & NUJ
  • Equity attends & is very active at Congress
  • Very active in Scottish TUC.
  • Recruitment figures down for 1st time in January - not surprising due to recession, less work places.
  • Ghana Twinning - great success - membership has doubled. 3 more branches created. Working together to grow the Film Industry. If more evidence of actors & employees working better together will be bringing a contigent over to see how we work in England.
  • Re-iterated re Agreements & fight for them. Can't take the Collective Agreements for granted
  • Need to stay an independent Union but strong within the FEU.
  • Branch Development Plan - Martin (Brown) & Steven (Spence) will be visiting branches to discuss the Development Plan.
  • To encourage members to website & feedback any issues they have finding things.
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