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NEW!!! Equity's very first on-line branch - Help Needed!

14 October 2012

Equity is pioneering a new way of encouraging members to get involved in their union. We think we may be the first union in the United Kingdom, and possibly the world, to try to establish a fully functioning, democratic trade union branch able to make decisions and influence policy that is fully and completely on-line.
This work has been continuing for nearly two years and was discussed at Equity's Annual Representative Conference both this year and in 2011. I am now happy to be able to tell you that we are close to putting Equity's very first on-line branch into a process of testing by members.
The Council has authorised a small group of members who have been working on this project to form themselves into a branch, with a Committee and a Moderator (on-line speak for Branch Secretary/Chair) in order to test the on-line branch software before the branch is launched. But to make sure that this new venture works as well as it possibly can we need as wide as possible a group of members to get involved. In September the Equity Council agreed that an additional 50 to 60 members should be encouraged to get involved in the testing the on-line branch.
Are there any members of our branch that might be interested in being part of this exciting project? We shall discuss this at our next branch meeting. Is this something you, as a NW London Branch member, might be interested in?
Please contact Martin Brown as soon as possible so that he can add you to the list of on-line branch testers. We hope that the testing will start in the next week or so.

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