Incorporating the Variety Artistes' Federation


N. Ireland General Branch Minutes ( 11/6/12)

11 September 2012

Sample Docs - 43kb DOC

NI General Branch June 2012 Minutes

PETAL - Progressive equality training and learning courses (Belfast)

10 September 2012

Sample Docs - 4834kb PDF

Register for course either at the ICTU office,Carlin House, 4-6 Donegall St Place, Belfast, BT1 2FN; Phone: 028 90 247 940
I. Equality Law and Work place Policy
II.A Guide to the TribunalProcess
IV.Key Employment and Equality Issues for the Union
V.Women in Leadership
VII.Mental Health First Aid
VIII.Developing Social Guardians in Understanding
Domestic Violence
IX.Disability Forum

Guide to Equity's Communications Manager

31 August 2012

Sample Docs - 836kb PDF

The communication manager enables branches and committees to send out email newsletters to their members. This is a brief guide on how to do it.

Make it Here campaign template letter

28 June 2012

Campaigns - 80kb DOCX

Please cut and paste Drew McFarlane's template letter and post immediately to your local MLA
Equity is campaigning for more television drama to be made in Northern Ireland and using the talent that lives here. According to Ofcom, 61.8% of spending by public service broadcasting channels in 2010 went to productions made within the M25. Productions in Scotland received 4.6% of spending, Wales 2.6% and Northern Ireland 0.4%.

ARC 2012 Northern Ireland Committe motions

17 June 2012

Sample Docs - 12kb DOCX

Motion 38 (Northern Ireland Committee)
Motion 39 (Northern Ireland General Meeting) as amended

Guidelines for written communications

6 April 2011

Newsletters - 26kb PDF

Guidelines for branches and committees on ensuring written communications are accessible.

Recorded media newsletter spring 2011

6 April 2011

Newsletters - 547kb PDF

A digest of Equity's work in recorded media

General Branch rules and standing orders

31 March 2011

Rules - 236kb PDF

The rules and standing orders of Equity general branches.

Revised by Council, 5th September 2017

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