Incorporating the Variety Artistes' Federation
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Equity structural changes

26 June 2012

The new Council structure will be implemented in the 2014 round of elections but only if it is approved by members in a referendum. The referendum is expected to take place later this year.

There will be a Council of 31 plus the President with a general list of 12 and 19 reserved seats for professional specialisms, the nations and regions and equal opportunities.

In the new committee structure there will be three powerful industrial committees covering stage, screen and variety plus sub-committees for audio artists, signers and the creative team and a committee for accrediting stunt performers. Equal opportunities continues to have central importance for Equity with committees for members with disabilities, minority ethnic members, women, lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender members and young members. Committees for the nations of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will continue to meet as will the deputies committees for the West End and opera.

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