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28 January 2014

Dear Friend,

The Northern Ireland Committee of the ICTU is organising a major initiative to facilitate civil society and citizens to send a message to the leadership of all political parties.

 The message is that we, the people, demand that action be taken to end political stalemate; to end all violence and to end inter-communal strife. We need to build a new political momentum in which our politicians work together in the best interests of all the people, addressing a series of vital issues which are crucial for the social and economic wellbeing of Northern Ireland.

 Between 1 and 1:30pm on Friday 31st January, we will be hosting a rally at Belfast City Hall and we ask for your support.

 At the rally, we will call on our politicians to take a real risk for peace, progress and equality, and honestly confront the consequences of political stalemate and its effect on our economy and society.

 We are convinced that the people of Northern Ireland would like to see the NI Assembly concentrate on delivering decent public services, like schools and hospitals, while facilitating more and better jobs, especially for our young people. We want an economy that works for all.

 We want the promises of the Good Friday Agreement and the St Andrews Agreement to be met. We want a shared society and we want a Bill of Rights to empower the citizens and protect the vulnerable and excluded.

 I urge you all to attend the rally in Belfast on Friday 31st January at 1pm, to bring members, friends and supporters. We further request that employers facilitate staff who wish to support this initiative.

 I look forward to seeing you there.   

 Yours fraternally.Peter Bunting

Assistant General Secretary, Irish Congress of Trade Unions.

Irish Congress of Trade Unions

Carlin House

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