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Paradise Lost launch

6 January 2016

Paradise Lost launch


While we are busy this year commemorating the death of Shakespeare, next year sees another milestone: the 350th anniversary of the publication of Milton’s Paradise Lost.

Since few people beyond those who studied parts of this great epic poem for A level or a degree course are acquainted with the work, this seems to me a golden opportunity to introduce Milton to a wider audience. Also, parts of the poem, especially Book II – the debate between the Devils in Hell – provide a magnificent opportunity for actors!

Anyone interested in coming to an initial reading of the proposed script – and there will be paid work eventually – is invited to come to The Mitre, in the middle of Oxford in the High Street on Tuesday 16 February at 6pm.

So that I can cater (coffee and biscuits) for the right numbers, please contact me first at if you intend to come. I can also email copies of the script in advance to anyone who would like a preview.

Thomas Bewley

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