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TUC Young Workers Conference

Start:22 March 2014

Finish:23 March 2014


LocationTUC Congress House, London


The TUC Young Workers Conference is held annually at the home of the TUC, Congress House in London. The Conference allows young trade union members to take part in shaping the work programmme of the TUC Young Workers Forum and inform TUC policy.

Representatives from Equity's Young Members' Committee will be participating and our motion is about Creating without Conflict and bullying.

The provisional agenda including the Equity motion is now available.

Working with the other entertainment industry unions, we hope to hold a fringe event during the conference for a wider discussion about bullying

You can find out more information about our Young Members' Committee here and follow them on Twitter @EquityYMC

The conference will discuss and debate motions submitted by TUC affiliates and there will also be a number of workshops on subjects relevant to the issues faced by young workers. 

Before the formal start of the Conference there will be a networking event for women delegates and visitors. 

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