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SPOTLIGHT - No-Pay/Low-Pay Survey

11 January 2013

The low-pay / no-pay debate is one we watch closely.

Spotlight ensures that only vetted industry professionals are given access to our online casting services and we fully support National Minimum Wage legislation and Equity's campaign to stop the practice of asking performers to work for low pay.

However, we also support film schools and fringe theatre projects and believe that, in some circumstances, low pay is a necessary evil for the artistic process. Many of our members do actually request that they have access to these sort of castings so that they can build up their experience, work on the fringe, have material for a showreel etc.

Over the next few weeks we will be holding a ‘consultation period’ with our Casting Professionals and Performers, giving you all an opportunity to tell us your thoughts on the no pay / low pay issue. As part of this we would be extremely grateful if you could complete the following survey

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