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Welcome to our branch page

3 October 2012

Judith Quin, our PR Officer, went to Equity House to meet with Phil Pemberton, John Ainslie and other branch representitives to learn what this section of the Equiy website is all about....and it is all about US!

We have already added 'Members in Performance', 'Forthcoming Speakers', 'Recent Speakers' and 'Member Offers' pages.  If  there is anything else you feel would be beneficial to be shared on our branch page then do not hesitate to get in touch with either Richard Dargan or Judith Quin and let them know!

The added pages are for your benefit.

Members in Performance If you have a performance coming up and would like to advertise it, or want us to see you shine in a film/TV performance then contact Judith Quin and she will post the details on here.

Forthcoming Speakers If you want to see who will be speaking at our forthcoming meetings, they will be listed here.  If we have a blank month and you would like to speak about an area you specialise in, or if you know someone you think would make a good speaker, then please contact Fiona Whitelaw or Judith Quin and let them know.

Recent Speakers If we had a speaker that you wanted to hear, but you couldn't make the meeting or you mislaid your minutes then you can visit the 'Past Speakers' page and catch up on what was said by our visiting speakers at the last two meetings.

Member Offers Many work other jobs to maintain our income - do you provide a service that branch members could make use of? Advertise it here.  (You may wish to consider offering an Equity or Branch discount...)

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