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See what services you fellow members have to offer

Offers for Members

Combined Healing (Sound, Reiki, Massage) - Vocal Confidence - 1-2-1 Meditation

Offer from Branch member Judith Quin Discount for Equity Members

Holistic Healing: Hands & Voice  -  I offer an at-home Holistic Healing service

Do you live near Greenwich/Lewisham/Woolwich? -  I am an intuitive healer & qualified massage therapist offering a variety of treatments in your own home.  I bring my massage table, towels etc with me which means when you're relaxed after the treatment you don't then need to get stressed agian facing traffic or transport - you can just curl up on your couch and rest.

For more information and prices click here.

I also run a Sound Circle Meditation group - in East Greenwich - it is a guided meditation using sound as the focus.  I start the session with breath work, connecting breath to body then body to voice, before sitting up to open our chakras on specific tones and moving on to 'open-sounding meditation' where we all sound together, but on our own notes; creating an energetic pool of sonic vibration in which we sit in silence at the end.