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Events during March 2013

Annual General Branch Meeting

5 March 2013

The Annual General Meeting of the South Wales Variety Branch is to be held on 5th March, 2013.


Please attend the Annual General Meeting of the Branch because there will be Committee changes. If you support the branch and can take a position on the Committee you will be very welcome. Since all positions on the committee are up for renewal contact Shelli Dawn the Branch Secretary with your name etc. The Committee term is 2 Years not 12 months and really needs your input . . . . Current Committee members are always ready to help newcomers so you will not be alone.

At the Branch AGM we will have a Guest Speaker with a fantastic reputation in the Variety and Theatre Arena. Only numbers will give an appreciation of the standing of the guest who is volunteering their time freely. So come on join the branch.

Other News interest. There are some changes for the better regarding CRB Disclosure about to be confirmed. The initial changes were announced via Sky News recently and published on the internet. The changes have been a long time coming and Equity has been pressing for changes as practitioners in the field because of the many anomalies in the current system.
When announced it may be possible to get CRB Wales to give us an update as they did the last time around. We had a well attended meeting at that event.

How many of you have taken up the Courses etc. run by Cult Cymru ( Creative Industries) . The subject and course matter is always geared to what we want plus other generalised information. Some have taken up the First Aid Courses, others the Comedy Impro Course and have gained immensely from the events.

The most recent course leading to gaining a Creative Industry Safety Passport has been undertaken by Noel West and Goldini.
The course was a whole day event comprising 12 people and subject to an assessment (examination) at the end. The results were made available by email the following day and allows the participant a 3 year passport to practice. Noel and Goldini will elaborate at the next branch meeting. We both learnt a lot and will be able to guide members of the branch and also keep their own businesses and performances up to scratch. It is a matter of great importance and can assist you if any insurance claims are made. There's more to the entertainment business than just performing in front of an audience.

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Speed Networking Skills Course

18 March 2013

In a work sector that is busy and competitive, we only have a very short space of time to introduce ourselves and our ideas to potential employers, clients or those we'd like to work with. By developing your Speed Networking Skills you’ll be able to prepare a swift introduction for yourself to explain who you are, what skills you possess, and what kind of work you’re interested in

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