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Equity/Pact contracts in Ireland.

10 May 2012

Equity has persuaded the BBC to use proper Equity/PACT contracts for productions taking place in the Republic of Ireland.

The BBC has commissioned UK-based independents to produce three large-budget programmes in the Irish Republic for transmission in the UK. The BBC was attracted to filming in the Republic because all three productions will get financial support from the Irish government through the Irish Film Board.

Equity was concerned that not only were these productions not going to be on proper contracts but that filming in the Republic of Ireland went against the BBC's commitment to increase production in Northern Ireland. After pressure from Equty the BBC agreed to use the Equity/PACT contract and reaffirmed its commitment to creating work in Northern Ireland.


 To read about this and more, please download the Council Report for the meeting of the Equity Council on 30 April and 1 May which is now available in the Member Resources area of the Equity web site at


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