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Low Pay Or No Pay Discussion

29 February 2012

The Equity Council has launched a new approach to low pay/no pay work. Work in the entertainment industry offered at low rates of pay or for no pay at all continues to cause significant concern among members, but what is less clear is what approach Equity should take

Some members believe Equity should try to put a stop to all no pay/low pay work but others think that they should have the freedom to accept low pay/no pay work without hindrance from their union. This thorny issue caused significant debate at Equity’s 2011 Conference. To move policy forward the Equity Council last Autumn set up a working party of members which after four meetings presented a report to Council at its February 2012 meeting

The Working Party has come up with 19 recommendations, which include: a leaflet explaining the issues to members and more information on the web site; guidance for members on co-operatives, partnership and business partnership arrangements; update guidelines for youth, students and community groups in sub rep theatres; research into the effects of co-productions and actors in film school productions; drama schools to be told what are acceptable terms and conditions; more encouragement to members to fight National Minimum Wage cases; casting websites should be persuaded not to include low pay/no pay work

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