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The New Webmaster has Arrived

3 March 2012

It's official. We have a new webmaster. Please welcome Vicki Edmunds who takes over from me. Vicki hails from Bridgend and she is the power behind Vicki's Puppet Palladium

Vicki is also the genius responsible for the succesful Eat with a Local so she does have some experience of web editing. However, updating this site is vastly different to what she has done in the past, so please be gentle with her while she finds her "web feet" (I just couldn't resist a cheap joke!)

As always, any material from our members (that's suitable for publication) is welcome. Contact Vicki for the website and also Goldini (who is always hungry for new material) for the Branch newsletter

Over to you Vicki
Tony Richards

Thank you Tony.  Wish me luck,  I will need a lot of patience from the members, as I am bound to make lots of mistakes to begin with whilst I am getting used to the site.   I am looking forward to the challenge safe in the knowledge that you will help me over the hurdles.    Tally ho... VR

I just love an optimist! TR

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