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Voice over workshop

9 November 2012

Dates: 3rd, 6th and 14th December 2012 

 Morning Sessions @ The Spotlight 10.30am - 1.30pm 

OR Afternoon Sessions @ The Spotlight 2pm - 5pm 

OR Evening Sessions @ Angell Sound 6.15pm - 9.15pm 

Aim of the Workshops 

These workshops take place over THREE sessions and will help you plan your 

reel, find the right material, tune your ear, practice on and build confidence on 

the mic. 

If you are not completely prepared there is no point wasting hundreds of 

pounds recording a reel. Voice agents & radio producers will decide on the first 

30 seconds of  listening to your voice reel. 

Please see my website for more information: 

Who am I? 

An ambassador for Equity, a professional actor and voice-over artist who has  recorded over 2000 

commercial voice-overs for radio and television.  Also with Masters in Professional Voice and Singing I 

have a fun, practical, no time wasting hands-on  energetic teaching style. I know exactly what the 

business is looking for, and I can help you achieve that. 

Upcoming Workshop Details 

Workshops consist of three 3 hour sessions spread over 2 weeks at Angell Sound Studios on Wardour 

Street or at Spotlight. The total price is £125.00 but if you are a member of Spotlight, you only have to 

pay £95.00. Places are limited so book early to avoid disappointment. 

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