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Branch Meeting - June

1 June 2014

Following a fair turn out at the first Branch Meeting at the WMC on Greasborough Road, I am pleased to announce that the next Variety Branch Meeting will take place as follows:

THURSDAY 12TH June 2014, Arrive  at 7.30PM for 8 PM start.

The Trades Club

Greasborough Road


S60 1RB
The club is literally next door to the Bridge Inn on the same side of the Bridge Street section of Greasborough Road, so the access directions for those coming by car, and Public transport are the same as for the Bridge Inn.

As last month's meeting was just one person short of quorate, it is in both your own and the Branch's interest to achieve a quorum at the next meeting, and on a regular basis thereafter, as meetings are only every 2 months or so and that means there are only 6 opportunities a year to do business.

Do PLEASE feel free to contact fellow Variety Branch members to see if they know of the meeting and if they can attend; offers of lifts/car sharing, etc. will be most welcome if transport/late buses or trains are a problem.


Just a reminder, that rather than being convened on a Monthly Basis, Branch Meetings are now being convened roughly EVERY TWO MONTHS, the next one after June being Thursday September 11th, then Thursday November 13th (AGM).  The first meeting in 2015 will be on February 12th, so get them in  your diary early!

PLEASE NOTE also, that the day that each meeting will take place, is also switched to the SECOND THURSDAY of the month instead of the previous Second Monday  of each month.

Another little bit of news is that this year's SHEFFIELD GAY PRIDE is on SATURDAY 28TH JUNE, and there will be a short parade starting around midday on streets through the city centre, ending at Devonshire Green, the actual Pride site.  All groups are welcome to attend as walking entries, so if anyone from Equity (either the Variety Branch or the General Branch) would like to come, they are most welcome, and if enough people to carry a banner come that would be even better and bring a good amount of publicity.





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