Incorporating the Variety Artistes' Federation


WSW London Equity Branch Template 50p Campaign Letter

10 January 2015

General - 39kb PDF

WSW London Equity Branch Template 50p Campaign Letter

WSW London Dec 2014 Equity Branch Newsletter

15 December 2014

Newsletters - 320kb PDF

WSW London Dec 2014 Equity Branch Newsletter

WSW London 2015 Committee Statements & Photos

2 December 2014

General - 562kb PDF

Statements and photos for the 17 candidates standing for the 2015 WSW London Equity Branch Committee

Commercial Theatre Claim Newsletter November 2014

12 November 2014

Newsletters - 363kb PDF

This year is an important year for artists working across commercial theatre, as we renegotiate the Equity agreement for all artists working in the sector outside of the West End of London - including most regional tours, pantomimes and a number of non-West End producing houses.

Our claim has been put together after extensive consultation with all artists who have worked on it over the last three years, compiled by a working party of experienced members from the sector – working performers and stage managers who serve on Equity committees and as deps on shows across the country.

Our claim has a straightforward purpose – to set minima that represent what producers can afford to pay. The bigger the show, the bigger the producer, the more that should be returned to the artists involved.

We’ve also heard loud and clear that subsistence and touring allowance is no longer meaningfully contributing to the costs of artists on tour or coming to London to rehearse. Along with proposing a restructure to end unfair clauses like the reduction in touring allowance to subsistence after four weeks in a venue, and a significant rise of around 20% in touring allowance, we’re proposing that subsistence rises to match the rate of touring allowance in every case.

These are your proposals, proposals to make your working lives better and fairer. However, the managers will make their claims of us, and we need to defend existing terms as much as make claims to improve them.

We know that not every proposal of ours will be agreed – and we know that all will meet with resistance. Commercial producers won’t write us a blank cheque, which is why we need you standing up in support of our claim.

Encourage non-members to join our union and stand with us to make our voice louder, and watch out for the newsletters which will keep you updated as to where we are.

W&SW Equity Branch November 2014 Newsletter

9 November 2014

Sample Docs - 290kb PDF

November Branch Newsletter

W&SW London Equity Branch Oct 2014 Newsletter

10 October 2014

Newsletters - 306kb PDF

W&SW London Equity Branch Oct 2014 Newsletter

W&SW London Equity Newsletter Sept 2014

9 September 2014

Newsletters - 274kb PDF

W&SW London Equity Branch Newsletter Sept 2014

Live Entertainment Works! poster

29 July 2014

Sample Docs - 284kb PDF

The Live Entertainment Works! campaign has now launched. The aim of the campaign is to approach local venues asking them to display the poster supporting live entertainment and get across the message that the change in licensing law means that it is now easier to put on acts in venues with a capacity of 500 or below. For further information contact Mike Day by phone on 020 7670 0235 or

W&SW London Orange Tree Funding letter to ACE

26 July 2014

Sample Docs - 69kb PDF

This is the letter along with the list of 1181 industry supporters that has gone to Peter Bazalgette at the Arts Council about their withdrawal of funding from the Orange Tree. Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to chase down supporters. If you would still like to show support, you can. A follow up list is being complied. E mail Andrew Macbean on with your professional name and your job. This is a chance to get our voice hear by speaking as one. But you have to make contact - please don't do it tomorrow. Do it TODAY, intact NOW.

W&SW Equity Branch July 2014 Newsletter

12 July 2014

Sample Docs - 185kb PDF

Branch newsletter - July 2014

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