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Events during March 2014

London Open Meeting

5 March 2014

London Open Meeting
for All Equity Members
Wed 5 March 2014 from 1.30pm at the Victory Services Club, 63/79 Seymour St., London W2 2HF. All members are welcome. Equity staff & Officers will be there to answer your questions.

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W&SW London Branch Business Day

8 March 2014

BRANCH BUSINESS DAY. Build the business skills that all actors need.

Entrance fee for the entire day just £7.50! Please see the newsletter or email uk for further details on how to register.

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Audition Day: Role Play with Bill Cashmore

31 March 2014

Role Play Audition Day:
Mon 31 March Bill Cashmore from Actors In Industry will be auditioning Branch members for corporate and medical role play jobs. See the News letter for the application! Deadline for applications (hard copy only) is Mon 10 March.

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