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Doremy Vernon is...

17 September 2012

Doremy Vernon is collecting dictionaries and requests your help!

You can help by bringing a dictionary to the next committee meeting you attend and giving it to Doremy to forward on OR by making a small donation towards the purchase of a dictionary. About one third of the inmates at Wandsworth Prison are foreign so dictionaries translating from foreign languages into English are particularly prized.

Inspired by the acting produced inside prison by the Synergy Theatre project, Doremy is collecting dictionaries for the prisoners in Wandsworth Prison.

Men are 'banged' up for 22 hours a day, sharing cells approximately 6' by 9' with strangers. Some really do want to self educate but are having to wait THREE YEARS before being able to own a dictionary.

P.s....WH Smith are currently selling 2 dictionaries for £2 - bargain! Especially compared to the positivity a dictionary will bring.

If you have any enquiries please contact:

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