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Equity and Regional TUCs

24 March 2014

Equity & BECTU at Yorkshire & The Humber TUC AGM 2014

Equity and BECTU delegates from left to right Pete Keal, Gordon Steff, Anthony Blakesley, David Charles Denwood and Joy Palmer at the Yorkshire and the Humber Regional TUC 2014 AGM.


Currently, Equity has no democratic structures through which members can decide on motions they wish to submit to their Regional TUC, elect representatives to their Regional TUC’s General Meetings or decide on who should stand as Equity candidates for election to their Regional TUC Executive. The Northern Area AGM is submitting a motion (drawn up by a member of the Yorkshire Ridings Branch Committee) to change this to the ARC.

Five Equity representatives attended the recent Yorkshire and The Humber TUC AGM, which is a first for our union. Sadly, there were no motions about the Performing Arts at the AGM and Equity needs to change this in future years. In 2014-15, Pete Keal will represent Equity on the YHTUC Executive alongside Anthony Blakesley who will represent BECTU.


Equity at the Yorkshire and The humber Regional TUC AGM

Richard Wilson OBE, TUC General secretary Frances O'Grady, Yorkshire and The Humber Regional TUC General Secretary Bill Adams and Equity delegate Pete Keal

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